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    We provide almost every type of treatment our patients might need ( with the exception of orthodontics ).

    We have a special interest in reconstruction / rehabilitation, where patients’ mouths have either undergone a slow breakdown over many years of lack of maintenance or suffered a significant facial injury.

    People are living much longer these days, and having a healthy, functional mouth during this “ extra time “ adds greatly to quality of life.

    This can sometimes be achieved simply using various types of removable denture ( which can involve specially made spring-clips, press-studs or magnets ).

    Alternatively, if the remaining teeth are in good enough condition, bridgework might be a worthwhile option.

    Sometimes, the most reliable way is to place an implant or implants, often using bone-grafting techniques which can sound scary but are actually very straightforward and allow us to build bone where we need it.
    Implants, once integrated into the bone, allow us the versatility to hold and support loose dentures, support single crowns, or take part in supporting longer bridges to rebuild the bite.

    These advanced techniques allow us to do things in restorative dentistry we only dreamt of when I first qualified, but in the right hands these are now predictable and proven techniques we have carried out many times.

    It is very important to discuss and explain proposed treatments in a relaxed environment, and we pride ourselves on being open and honest. Patients will be shown all available treatment options, then left to decide for themselves what they would like us to do for them.

    Root canal treatment is an area of dentistry some colleagues find very challenging, and those with their patients’ best interests at heart will sometimes refer to a colleague with further training and more advanced equipment to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

    We regularly accept referrals from colleagues via a “temporary transfer of Duty of Care “. This means we can only ethically provide the specific treatment requested, then return patients to their own dentist once treatment is completed.

    We also provide cosmetic dentistry where appropriate.

    Modern advances have made the provision of veneers and crowns much less destructive. This means that cosmetic treatments we once thought of as hard to justify ethically are now more open for consideration.

    Treatment protocols are also much more predictable, as are the cosmetic outcomes.