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Referral Services

We provide several advanced treatments which may be unavailable at your regular dental

Your own dentist will usually be happy to refer treatments such as complex root canal, implants and reconstruction, then take care of you as usual after this has been provided.


Ray has a P.G.Cert ( endod ) and has had a special interest in complex root canal treatment for many years. Sclerosed canals, severe curvature, retreatments and removal of fractured posts and instruments can often be treated locally and conveniently.


Having completed Cemal Ucer’s multisystem certificate course, Ray places exclusively Straumann SLActive implants and, while happier to restore them himself, is happy to place surgically and refer back to colleagues experienced in implant restoration.


Full denture cases can be very complex, especially where ridges are resorbed. Refractory cases may be referred for a second opinion which may include implant / locator options.

Chrome cobalt partial dentures / Hybrid Reconstructions

These can be complex, and can involve the use of precision attachments, locators, magnets etc. Ray has many years’ experience in this area.

Oral Surgery

Complex extraction, surgical extraction, apicectomy, guided bone regeneration, ridge preservation.

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