Treatment referrals

Referral patients

As a practice we take an increasing amount of referrals from colleagues.

This is often for endodontics (root canal treatment) as Ray has post graduate qualifications in this clinical field.

We also take referrals for complex extractions where the referring practices may not have some of the more advanced imaging and surgical equipment required when straight forward extraction looks unlikely.

We are all very experienced in minor oral surgery and can deal with the majority of presenting problems.

Many patients are referred for implant opinions and treatment including all three classifications of straight forward, advanced and complex cases.

Often this involves one of several bone-grafting techniques where there is insufficient bone present for implants to be placed.

Implants are very versatile and can be used to replace single teeth, support bridges and even full-arch fixed bridges as well as clip in overdentures.

There is no need to sit on a long waiting list in chronic pain when you can ask your dental practice to simply send a quick referral to Dentistry with Integrity.

We will only carry out the treatment requested then return you back to your own dentist’s continuing care.

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