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Ray McNamara

Ray McNamara qualified as a dentist in 1989 at Leeds, and was awarded two clinical prizes in Operative Dental surgery.

Ray McNamara

There followed a period working as a House Surgeon in Conservation /Prosthetics, which involved treating complex cases under the supervision of several consultants, acquiring experience in more advanced techniques and honing clinical skills prior to rejoining the real world.

Several years in General Practice followed, then the opportunity arose to open a new Practice in Chester. The next twenty years were a bit of a whirlwind with a rapidly growing practice, migrating this Practice to a new building only for it to grow again, then finally selling the Practice three years ago.

The increasingly onerous regulation of dentistry had led to a situation where management duties were getting in the way of direct patient care, and as any of you who know Ray personally will confirm, paperwork and pretty much anything beyond the treatment-room door doesn’t really interest him much, so a brief period of ” just being a dentist “ was a welcome rest.

Ray has several areas of Special Interest, including Implantology, Endodontics and Reconstructive Dentistry. These have required significant postgraduate study and qualification, and a combination of this and a depth of experience allow him to rebuild broken-down mouths from start to finish.

This subject is discussed in more depth elsewhere on the site, but essentially it is a very predictable way of giving someone back the mouth they should have had maintained, and is very satisfying.

Cosmetic dentistry is also a set of treatments which must be carried out very precisely if complications are to be avoided, and use of the correct clinical procedures leads to a much more predictable outcome, and also a better longterm result.

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