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Gary Bissell and his wife, Dr Jayne Holland, have been friends of ours for about twenty years. Gary is an excellent Physiotherapist and,being a dentist, various back-related problems have yielded to his talented hands during that time.

After a particularly enjoyable trio of operations on my dodgy old leg last year, Gary was cracking my knee back into shape and the smalltalk turned to his plans to extend his lovely art-deco building to create more space for his successful practice.

I realised immediately that the building would be the perfect environment in which to practice dentistry. The style of the building is ideal, and the space available just the right shape and size for our needs.

Improvements were needed, such as doing away with difficult to navigate stairs, changing floor levels, etc, so Lenny the builder set about the place to create what we needed.

We have created two treatment-rooms, either side of a custom- designed instrument processing room. This ensures that all the “ behind the scenes “ stuff stays exactly there. Patients will not see nurses wandering around with boxes of used instruments, and nothing will be done within the treatment-rooms relating to cleaning or processing instruments.

It is a sad fact that, despite legislation to improve patient care, some practices still process instruments in the same room where patients are being treated, and some practices try to justify not using the latest cleaning cycles on grounds of cost.

We have always taken instrument hygiene and “ cross-infection control “ very seriously, and there are no corners cut at Dentistry with Integrity.

Not all patients are interested in how we deal with this most important aspect of our duty of care to you, but if you are, there is a section of this site which should reassure you.

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