Our Instrument Room

This is one of Ray’s favourite areas, and where a lot of time, effort and cost have been spent.

In dentistry, we use an awful lot of small and fiddly instruments which, to be honest, are pretty unpleasant once we’ve finished with them.

We consider patient safety to be one of our most important duties to you, our patient.

We have designed our dental suite to ensure the most up-to-date instrument workflow we can, including complete validation of all our processes.

The best equipment money can buy, together with a workflow protocol and a team dedicated to getting it right every time allow used instruments to pass from the treatment rooms into 2-way clean cupboards marked “ dirty “. From here, in the instrument room, they are taken and passed through a series of processes with quality checks from start to finish until, bagged and sterile with a unique identification number, they are placed into a second 2-way cupboard for storage until needed on the other side of the wall.

This system ensures that the instruments we use are sterilised to operating theatre standards each and every time.

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