Dental CT Scan – Cone Beam CT Scanner

Transcript of this video

CBCT – 3D dental scanning

Nothing sits still for long in Dentistry, and there are more innovations being invented every day. The latest acquisition for our practice is our new Cone Beam CT Scanner. It takes the normal 2-dimensional images we use often, along with much more detailed 3-dimensional views. These more detailed images come in extremely useful for some of our surgeries and endodontic work. Especially now that the practice has grown to the size where we can boast 2 referral endodontists and two implantologists. This was a piece of equipment that we really had to have.

This is a 2-dimensional view – an OPG to us. We take these routinely and the majority of the patients we see will have had one of these. You can see in this situation that the patient has some infections, but you can’t really see them that well on this X-Ray. That means it was quite important to move to our new software for a more detailed 3D image. This is the one we took for this patient and it had a great diagnostic yield.

The area of interest is the patient’s implant, which was done quite a long time ago. What the new image shows us that the older software can’t, is that the bone is still perfect on the palatial side. We can also see there’s been a little exposure on the buckle side, but there are several techniques we can use to get around this. The patient and I can choose between bone grafting or even making a crown to a higher level. It’s clear how much information this new software can give me in terms of treatment planning.

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