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Information Regarding Coronavirus

After a very strange few weeks, I am happy to announce that we are now open for emergency and urgent treatments with a slightly adjusted way of working.

Many patients have contacted us in severe pain having been unable to find dental treatment elsewhere and where antibiotics have not been effective.

Our main reception phone is diverted to home where we have access to our notes and can triage. Daily lists are put together based on degree of urgency and the level of Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) required.

Where care can be provided without aerosol generation, we will be in level 1 PPE ( mask, visor, fluid repellent gown, gloves ) which is more than required by the NHS Urgent Dental Centres.

This would include extractions, temporary dressings, recementing crowns, etc.

There are some circumstances where aerosol generation is unavoidable, such as high speed drilling to commence root canal treatment.

For this we use level 2 PPE which includes our new externally powered respirators.

These pass filtered air ( nice and cool ) over our faces in a fully enclosed hood, which is then passed into an exhaust tube to keep our exhaled breath well away from the patient’s face.

We also use a powerful air scavenging / HEPA13 filtration unit positioned just by the operating field which draws away any aerosols created.

The surgery has to be left for a variable time afterwards for the scavenger unit to cycle the air in the room, ensuring everything is safe after a thorough clean down.

The best way to maintain complete safety is to split the working day into three clinics, each with level 1 cases to begin with then a level 2 case prior to a break, ensuring the risk of cross-infection is completely controlled.

Patients will attend by car and will wait on the car park ( the waiting room will not be used ) and a team member will come out at the appointed time to take your temperature and ask a few simple questions about possible Covid status.

Patients will then be brought straight through to the surgery, hands cleaned with alcohol gel and treatment provided. Payment will be made by card, hands cleaned again and patients taken back out to their vehicle.

There may be times when what appeared to be a level 1 treatment actually requires level 2 precautions, in which case you may be asked to rebook at a more suitable time.

For the duration of these precautions, an additional fee will be required depending on the level of PPE.
Level 1 will be £40, level 2 will be £90 and this is simply added to our normal fee scale.

Please feel free to call us if we can help you, even just with help and advice which is free.

Where indicated we may still feel it wiser to issue a prescription to
“ buy some time “, especially if you are in a shielded group, but where a physical treatment is necessary I am confident that the PPE and procedures we have in place will keep everyone safe.

This situation is far from over and we really do need to be diligent, but life goes on and teeth can be a real nuisance if problems aren’t nipped in the bud.

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